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HESMFC e-Journal Publication

The Harvard Extension Student Management and Finance Club (HESMFC) e-journal is a scholarly platform for students and professors across Harvard University on which they can publish a wide range of topics in the fields of business, management, and finance. Manuscripts should be original scholarly research, data interpretation, and/or literature research with effective scholarly ramifications. Invitations are also extended to scholars to submit creatively crafted cases for readers' exploration of the author's intellectual prowess, esoteric knowledge, and mentally stimulating intellectual engagement for our diverse reading audience.

The e-journal allows Harvard Extension School community to provide insightful content of relevant themes to enrich the audience and set up a reference for readers. The editorial board encourages the authors to publish based on the following principles:

  1. Relevant: Content that enriches, and that provides additional insights to the reader.
  2. Clear: Provide the rationale of the study including its limitations.
  3. Structured: Concise, avoiding overstatements of ideas and conclusions.
  4. Organized: Provide a structure and sequence of events to the readers that facilitate the understanding of the content.
  5. Methodologies and techniques explained: Providing references to the reader.
  6. Clearly referenced sources of information: Follow Harvard University standards.

Manuscript Requirements

Submitted manuscripts should be provided in a Microsoft Word document template. There are two type of manuscripts: Paper and journal style. Paper style publications provide readers with academic research. They have a greater number of pages and exhibits. The journal style publications are shorter and provide readers with informative content in the fields of management and finance. Authors can find these two types of templates at the end of this page.

The e-Journal does not provide proof reading services and encourage authors to have the content checked and reviewed before submission. It is recommended to have academic readers proofread all grammar, including punctuation and spelling. In addition, we recommend that authors remove content that can be interpreted as sexist or discriminatory, or content that may be perceived as going against Harvard Community values.

The e-journal recommends the following sources for Authors:

The Harvard Extension School Writing Center for:

  • General writing advice
  • English language advice
  • Using and citing sources

Harvard College Writing Center

The submitted manuscript should contain these headings:

  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Limitations
  4. Conclusion
  5. References

Authors are encouraged to include images to enhance the manuscript. Including images can complement the text and add additional engagement with the reader. For guidelines about the images:

  1. Images should have high resolution (at least 300 ppi)
  2. Have the right to publish a copyrighted image

Manuscript Review Process

All submitted manuscripts will have one of three outcomes:

1) Accepted, and it will be published in the next volume.
2) Conditionally accepted with recommendations, and the Director of Communications for HESMFC will provide feedback from editors/reviewers in the areas of recommended improvement, to be resubmitted with corrections within 30 days by the author(s).
3) Rejected, manuscript does not meet required quality and standard for publication.

To facilitate the manuscript submission standard, two samples of manuscripts, one paper and one journal style, have been provided for authors as examples of content, referencing style, and the general layout of the HESMFC e-Journal. Author(s) should submit their professional biography and a digital passport-sized picture along with their manuscript.

Cover Letter Requirement

Every manuscript submitted requires an accompanying cover letter addressed to the Chief Editor, wherein the author will unambiguously state the originality of the work being submitted for publication and/or specify whether the manuscript is based on the author's original data collection, public data records, or the manuscript is purely based on literature search or research. The author(s) must state in the cover letter that the manuscript submitted for publication observes all scholarly writing protocols that cite, reference, and acknowledge the work of others in the manuscript without plagiarism. Lastly, the cover letter must be signed by the author or by the lead author if multiple authors are named in the manuscript. In lieu of a signed cover letter, you may send your cover letter via email to the Chief Editor: communications.hesmfc@hesa.dce.harvard.edu. Manuscripts submitted without a cover letter will be rejected immediately without a review.

Submission checklist

  • One proofread manuscript in the approved template
  • Manuscript might contain images. Authors should include the right of publishing a copyrighted image
  • Cover letter
  • Professional biography
  • Digital passport-sized picture
  • (Optional) academic recommendations on the manuscript

All these required documents should be sent in one email to communications.hesmfc@hesa.dce.harvard.edu.

We need volunteers:
Students can volunteer as co-editor or Professors can volunteer as editor In-Chief for manuscript review. I

In addition we welcome students that can volunteer in the following categories:

  • As designers to assist with the publication and enhancements of the manuscript template, website design and the promotion of the e-journal and other events.
  • As social media advocates to help with the promotion of our e-journal and other communications via social media.

If you would like to volunteer as a student co-editor, designer or social media, or as a professor volunteering as editor In-chief for “Management and Finance Online Journal", please fill out application form here: https://hesmfc.extension.harvard.edu/editor-application. Volunteers and editor In-Chief who demonstrate exceptional review during each calendar year will receive HESMFC e-Journal Award of Excellence or as editor In-Chief respectively.

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